Change log

Version 2.3.5 2023-06-29 - Extraordinary release

  • Updated default and minimized floating viewport sizes
  • Improved flex-icon display in floating viewports, including for oblique images
  • Changed viewport opening mode for position points, now street views open in split-screen mode by default
  • Improved place name search in the address search function (remove duplicates, and less relevant categories)

Version 2.3.4 2023-05-28

  • Updated viewport size for minimized cover maps
  • Improved flex-icon display in floating viewports
  • Added coordinate systems for orthophoto download, now orthophoto is downloaded in current CMV coordinate system
  • Updated content and layout of About pages

Version 2.3.3 2023-04-30

  • Changed info pages on CMV services, data, terms, and additional information
  • Enhanced address search function for place names
  • Download resolution added in metadata file name for map downloads
  • Fixed missing projection info in orthophoto download metadata file
  • Raised zoom level to show street image position points
  • Reduced minimized cover map default and minimum sizes
  • Improved interactive icon presentation for floating cover maps
  • Improved position marker presentation in floating cover maps (now always placed at center)

Version 2.3.2 2023-03-31 - Extraordinary release

  • Improved Synchronization function (better adaption to oblique images)
  • Introduced oblique viewport function adaption when height information is missing (height 0 is used)

Version 2.3.1 2023-03-26

  • Adapted SDFI’s projection calculation for oblique image functions
  • Fixed Oblique search function (eliminated the no-result scenario and improved result center positioning)
  • Updated default orientation of search result ( changed from South-facing to North-facing)
  • Improved image footprint presentation
  • Improved live cursor projection
  • Improved oblique year-change function
  • Improved oblique rotation function
  • Fixed Nadir image direction issue
  • Removed Nadir direction icon presentation
  • Changed decimal presentation of measurements (1 decimal for length and height measurements and 0 decimal for area measurement)
  • Added thousand separator on numbers based on user’s browser language setting
  • Address is removed right after an address search is finished
  • Disable measurements where it is inaccurate
  • Remove measurement projection across data sets
  • Update Credit page for new implementation of additional 3rd party resources
  • (Bug fixed) Hi- resolution DTM not available for download for some areas
  • (Bug fixed) Refreshing browser causing oblique image to lose its position and zoom

Version 2.2.11 2023-01-29

  • Added possibility to use SDFI's Oblique Image API as a data source

Version 2.2.10 2022-11-18 - Extraordinary Release

  • Added performance balancing mechanism

Version 2.2.9 2022-09-30 - Extraordinary Release

  • Added hotkey list to admin menu
  • Panorama viewport default resolution upgrade
  • Fixed layer configuration parameter “IsVisibleByDefault”
  • Removed role control of image bbox registrations
  • Updated DTM download function, including changing download format to Acsii

Version 2.2.8 2022-08-26

  • Added zoom buttons to Oblique Viewports
  • Fixed Oblique Viewport docking issue
  • Fixed Oblique Viewport closing issue
  • Improved icon presentation with new versions

Version 2.2.7 2022-07-31

  • Added rotation function of cover maps in 2D mode with reset button (CTRL + mouse drag)
  • New Rotation Wheel design in Oblique viewports
  • Updated download map button design
  • Added back old Pano download function in viewport settings menu
  • Updated measurement notification (notification banner stays until a measurement is aborted/finished)
  • New measurement function behavior (double click to abort, new icon design, slope is now a measurement tag)
  • New terrain measurement graph design update (removed slope graph, updated title and caption)

Version 2.2.6 2022-06-26

  • Added download map function for orthophotos and terrain models
  • Added download button for image download next to viewport setting button
  • Removed Google Analytics cookies and cookie consent content updated – CMV now uses only necessary cookies
  • Fixed issue with contrast/brightness adjustment issue in viewports
  • Added error handling for layers not loading due to missing authorization in User Management System
  • Updated new National Terrain model for Print Terrain Profile function
  • Updated content for User Dashboard for admin users

Version 2.2.5 2022-05-22

  • Bugfix: Image viewport can't be closed in 2D mode for therma layers
  • Bugfix: Token access issue fixed
  • Bugfix: Terrain figure blocks comment field in print screen
  • Bugfix: Image open via position points even when they are invisible
  • Bugfix: Viewport measurement function issues
  • Bugfix: Aborted measurement marker presentation issue
  • Bugfix: Property setting stage presentation error
  • Added right-click aborts measurement functions
  • Added zoom buttons in viewports
  • Added automatic logo update function in print-screen
  • Added comment field character maximum length
  • Added dashboard for user statistics tracking
  • Removed logo visualization in print-screen
  • Added error message in print-screen menu for logo update
  • Improve address bar presentation (post number name instead of municipality name)

Version 2.2.4 2022-03-30 - extraordinary release

  • Bugfix:: Video tutorial page
  • Tracking log in time

Version 2.2.3 2022-03-27

  • Bugfix:: Hotkey Navigation not working properly with maximized viewport in some scenarios.
  • Measurement unit changed to meter only.
  • Coordination presentation changed to 2 decimal places.
  • Improved precision on image-opening function by clicking position points.
  • Improved video tutorial page layout and content update

Version 2.2.2 2022-02-27

  • Bugfix:: Issue with user set up stays with change of user
  • Bugfix:: Additional layer "year" parameter undefined behavior fixed
  • Bugfix:: Print file syntax update for quick print buttons (now function attached to isolated buttons)
  • Bugfix:: Issue with minimized cover map credit presentation on print
  • Updated cookie policy and consent content
  • Added new controler over the project tab
  • Added cache version control to force updates
  • Added new tracking methods for image traffic monitoring
  • Improved visual elements alignment and layout
  • Improved address presentation in address bar

Version 2.2.1 2022-01-30

  • Bugfix: Error message presentation issue on cover map for search functions
  • Bugfix: Address search bar animation issue
  • Bugfix: Caption mis-presentation for minimize button in split screen
  • Bugfix: Split screen presentation issue in iframe
  • Bugfix: Maximize button issue in split screen in particular scenario
  • Updated data references for house number and cadastral layers
  • Added function access control for maximize, minimize, and close buttons in viewports
  • Added function access control for next image in viewports
  • Presentation update for dataset changing arrows

Version 2.2.0 2022-01-19 - extraordinary release

  • Bugfix: Fixed layout issue when page is reloaded after split screen
  • Bugfix: Removed FRL parameter
  • Bugfix: Oblique search doesn't return images at some locations
  • Remove all layout-saving functions in CMV
  • Improve print menu payout
  • Viewport state should remain after refresh
  • Change caption for turn on/off compass function
  • Oblique viewport panning functionality improvement
  • Credit marker content update (year parameter is back)

Version 2.1.0 2021-12-19

  • Added close button for project choice tab
  • Bug fix: Copy right markers is not visible for print screen
  • Bug fix: Missing panoramic image date in print screen
  • Bug fix: OSM copyright is not shown when entering CMV, it is shown after toggle between ortho and OSM
  • Bug fix: Printing layout fix for dates and copyright
  • Bug fix: Old image date and name presentation recovered for non-DDG layers
  • Bug fix: OSM copyright is not shown when entering CMV the first time
  • Bug fix: Viewport button misfunction with web refresh
  • Removed unnecessary coordinate systems.
  • Removed collapsing function for color legend when not minimized, and made zoom buttons to adapt.
  • Added dimension restrictions to Additional Layer menu tab and added scrolling bar.
  • Added compass for pano viewer and added control for it in settings.
  • Added language switcher in admin menu.
  • Added cookie & cache clean up when accessing CMV vis URL

Version 2.0.1 2021-11-28

  • Updated functionality that adds layers to additional layers menu
  • Project select dialog not showing when no projects attached to user
  • Forced number presentation decimals
  • CMV language forced to be Danish
  • Introduced new layer settings parameter 'includeInColorLegend'.
  • Measurements back to a panoramic image and activated by a service role
  • Credits on OSM covermap
  • Terrain info text on profile measurement chart
  • Bug fix: Logo rendering error fix on print
  • Bug fix: Missing address in panoramic viewport (by url)
  • Bug fix: Profile measurement update on print
  • Bug fix: Other minor fixes

Version 2.0.0 2021-11-14

  • New user interface design
  • Minimap minimize functionality removed
  • New address search logic
  • Measurement tag printing function added
  • Watermark on downloaded images
  • UTM coordinate system is made as default
  • Map marker removed for address search if image position is changed
  • Show position points only when reach a certain zoom level
  • Hide terrain layers in additional layer list
  • Single project auto select implementation after log in
  • Copyright marker presentation modified
  • Improved method to get nearest image from database
  • Show "No Image found" message inside pano/photo viewports
  • New split-screen function
  • New dataset change function by year inside viewports
  • View mode option for of oblique viewport (options: mosaic/frame) was removed
  • Changed the default system language to Danish
  • Disabled measurement for pano viewport and removed warning message
  • Moved print inspection sub-menu item to print menu
  • Updated min width and height for floating window
  • Bug fix: URL mis presantation of orthopoto for some years
  • Bug fix: URL link pano position points not synchronized
  • Bug fix: Address bar update by position changed
  • Bug fix: Print dates and address overlaping with multiple viewports open
  • Bug fix: Year change when not all years have data
  • Bug fix: After changing rotation, new oblique search closes the open viewport
  • Bug fix: Revert "updated DA, NO resource files"
  • Bug fix: Mapviewer layout fixes fix crash when trying to extract viewport from layout fix viewport docking to the top edge
  • Bug fix: Drag view of the map to top issue
  • Bug fix: Layer switcher style issue in split-screen
  • Bug fix: Orthophoto text container issue after page refresh
  • Bug fix: Other minor fixes

Version 1.3.1 2021-07-25

  • Address search marker removal after change image event on panoramas and rotation stop
  • Interactive User manual disabled by default
  • Colour legend function implementation improvement
  • Bug fix: Message hub functionality fixed
  • Bug fix: Multiple layers can be checked simultaneously as cover map

Version 1.3 2021-06-27

  • RU language support in CMV removed.
  • User expiry date check added on CMV backend.
  • Iframe friendly message response with styling added for not found DDG images.
  • Mapmarker implementation from CMV backend, panoramas rotation to it.
  • Print/Download image buttons.
  • Switch map to satellite button.
  • Street view button added.
  • Compass and Show location icons hidden by default.
  • Address search changes:
    • Added automatic toggle for address search function when empty.
    • Removed address search system selector in map view.
    • Changed icon for clearing entered input.
    • Added address search system selector in dashboard projects management.
  • Bug fix: Iframe response fixes.
  • Bug fix: Color legend border removed.
  • Bug fix: Other minor fixes.

Version 1.2.1 2021-05-30

  • Bug fix: Handling black screen for some coordinates for Iframe, resetting initial coordinates to closest panorama.
  • Bug fix: Handling missing image viewer and empty map with new response informing of no image at this location.
  • Bug fix: Color legend, layout do not overlap any longer.
  • Bug fix: Cover map presentation loading error.
  • Bug fix: Cover map docking, split screen show/hide.

Version 1.2 2021-05-23 - extraordinary release

  • CMV GUI changes for DDG
    • Added street view button.
    • Added switch between cover map and satellite button.
    • Changed print and download image button locations to the top.
    • Added restore button on map.
    • Added split buttons on the viewports.
    • Added split button on the map.
    • Added close buttons on the viewports.
    • Added different viewports for different points on the map, when spatial search is activated by street view button.
    • Added colored switch control for activating and hiding panoramic layers.
    • Added spatial search activating for oblique layers.

Version 1.1.3 2021-04-25

  • GIDB new version: support for colored WMS requests.
  • Bug fix: Google cookies can now be toggled off.
  • Bug fix: GeoServer AI store layers.
  • Bug fix: UAV photo loading procedure when image was removed.
  • Bug fix: Empty projects and bad layers freeze UI.

Version 1.1.2 2021-04-11 - extraordinary release

  • Improved token generation procedure, no login required.
  • Bug fix: Cadastral parcel layer from
  • Bug fix: COWI logo in print screen.

Version 1.1.1 2021-03-28

  • CVI report allowed characters extended by ?[]/.
  • UAV filename added to the viewport.
  • Extracted image location from filename added to the viewport.
  • COWI logo in Map view removed as a role in User management.
  • Prevent modal windows from closing, clicking outside the modal, x buttons added.
  • Iframe cookieless loading with token connection.
  • Reports on dashboard, are modal views.
  • Spinners added on project load (small one, and big one).
  • Bug fix: Spinner hide when user does not have all the roles to the project layers.

Version 1.1 2021-02-21

  • CMV AI record import
    • Added zip files upload function
    • Added drag-and-drop function for XML files
    • Added XML file validation
    • Added WFS feature processing for XML data
    • Added Bbox import function to viewport images
  • Fixed content fields to be viewable in full length in property window
  • Added automatic properties capturing from image file name
  • Added new report layouts for CVI solution
  • Added auto-screen capturing using GIDB images with Bbox annotation for xml imported entries
  • Added report image optimization
  • Added scroll bar to report editing window
  • Copy button removed from property window
  • Image group window styling
  • Bug fix: download shapefile function
  • Bug fix: terrain models in Oblique projects

Version 1.0.1 2020-12-27

  • Implemented spatial buffer filtering features for CPV layers
  • Added token based authorization (Bearer tokens)
  • Added a role to minimize the minimap automatically
  • Added UI changes with roles to show/hide buttons
  • Added GIDB spatial buffer filter
  • Added runtime metadata adjustment on photo_georef_v25 - altitude, longitude, latitude
  • Security changes: TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol set as main, older versions disabled
  • Added new input string in properties window to filter the attributes of the property
  • Added Terrestris OSM WMS premium service 2D/3D modes
  • Geodropbox local storage quota changes (Increased size to 1GB)
  • Load balancer improvement
  • Added separate pages for release note and CMV stats
  • Bug fix: DTM functionality fix
  • Bug fix: geoserver direct access issues solved
  • Bug fix: auto login to CMV issues solved
  • Bug fix: reports issues solved
  • Bug fix: autocomplete disabled in the projects filtering
  • Bug fix: GeoDropbox* service configuration updated
  • Bug fix: address search icon not removed
  • Bug fix: video file path changed
  • Bug fix: video file path changed
  • Bug fix: address search icon not removed

Version 1.0 2020-04-21

  • Cleanup after mapping department leave
    • Removed enjoyhint reference
    • Removed qc viewer
    • Removed geoportal, discovery tool
    • Removed gpms, flight portal
    • Removed old geodropbox workflow
  • Discovery tool changes
  • Added up-down sampling option to terrain provider
  • Fixed bug with survey area name in InFlight report
  • Added printing of vertical profile if exist
  • Added stattistic into image qc viewer
  • In-flight report improvements
  • Added slope to the poc
  • Added function get elevations along line to wms layer
  • Added alevation picker for wms terrain layer
  • Completed Dashboard IU manual
  • Added features count to properties view
  • Added credits for global maptiles
  • Bug fix with isactive:true key word in crowd source
  • Added ability to upload data from shp file during layer creation in wizard
  • Added toolbar button for vertical section
  • Added ability to sort layers in project
  • Added support of the temporary polygons as an input for sweep plan "crowd2d"
  • Added ability for crowd users to remove jobs attachet to them
  • Added creation of new WFS layerto layers constructor
  • Added support of multiple features inside WFS update transaction
  • Added support of multiple features inside WFS delete transaction
  • Added sweep plan lock viewport direction parameter
  • Added removing of last collected vertex by 'backspace' for 3D/2D mode
  • Added collection of rectangular polygons in 3D/2D mode
  • Added force sharing of GeoServer layers based on keywords in layer description
  • Added display of all existing QC errors on flight data row select
  • Added remove option for crowd2d sweep plan
  • Added support of polygon WFS layers
  • Added ability to modify feature geometry and snapping during polygons capturing in 2D mode
  • Fixed issue with QC result uploading when one session cover two or more flightplans
  • Added support of uploading of Lidar QC result
  • Fixed point feature style for 2D mode
  • Fixed bug with feature selection in 2D mode
  • Added support of city mapper 2
  • Added full remove of job project
  • Added translations to crowd controller
  • Added procedure for sweep plan progress evaluation
  • Added extraction of source layer name and workspace name for master project statistic request
  • Fixed label class for read only values in properties window
  • Added translations to crowd engine
  • Added statistics of croud master project progress for admin user
  • Added stub for GetProgressReport report
  • Added autoCalc for bbox for timestamp and initials
  • Added support of multiple WFS properties update
  • Added crowdsource engine
  • Fixed saving of in-flight report changes
  • Added sweep plan for navigation
  • Added flight data layers check before flight plan share
  • Added notification about WFS transactions errors
  • Added hot keys for sweep plan panel and for oblique photo change direction
  • Fixed bug with saving of in-flight report changes
  • Fixed logic of rectangular selection hot key
  • Fixed position of waiting animation
  • Bundles configuration changed
  • Geodropbox: added gestures support for scrolling pages in radial features menu
  • Geodropbox: added ability to change position\delete a group of images to multiples features selector
  • Added gui for cvi navigation
  • Added autoCalc function for bbox prop
  • Added recalculation for EPSG:3010
  • Added sweep plan for points
  • Added video sync option
  • Added support of continue token to getdata
  • Added multiple selection to upload manager list
  • Added tooltips for circle menu and address geolocation
  • Added orientation support for photo v.2.7
  • Fixed issue with removing of full screen CPV container on delete image
  • Changed logic of features selection menu (up to 24 - circle, more - browser)
  • Added features browser
  • Fixed cookies policy view
  • Added proxy to update feature type keywords
  • Added qcviewer support of update features on the server
  • Added filtration for image variants
  • Added drawing tool to imageqc viewer
  • Added expires date for cookies policy accepted cookie
  • Fixed shadows of floating windows
  • Fixed cookies policy page scroll bug
  • Added cookies policy notification
  • Added uploader of the shp files
  • Added products search by custom polygon
  • Added display of adress search result geometry type (OSM search only)
  • Added check of UM rules for drag-n-drop
  • Added support of KML drop
  • Added export of report data to shape and Excel files
  • General bug fixes

Version 2019-08-21

  • Dashboard redesign and speed improvement
  • Geodropbox functionality for images from handheld devices (phones, tablets)
  • Tracking of current device location
  • 3D Tiles speed\quality improvement
  • Zoom to layer extend button for 3D Tiles layers
  • Copy\Paste option for point WFS features
  • Feature template selector for polyline WFS layers
  • Fixed bug with empty project list on Safari browser

Version 2019-02-11

  • Corrected layout of the measurments report
  • View direction locks to address point in CPV
  • Improved address label in CPV
  • Added posibility measure vertical distance by ref-surface in CPV
  • Added posibility print report with docked viewports
  • Add stage of sync button to workspace

Version 2019-02-01

  • Added circle template
  • Added posibility upload geo-referenced images to Azure storage
  • Added posibility upload geo-referenced images to local storage

Version 2018-11-22

  • Added posibility drop 3DTiles to the map and upload to the cloud storage
  • Save and resotre project statment and screen layout
  • Added label for measurments in panoramic view

Version 2018-10-31

  • Added support IFRAME for integration in third-party pages
  • Added video viewer (beta)
  • Improved COV accuracy

Version 2018-10-02

  • Added up/down navigation buttons for CPV
  • Added simple photo viewer
  • Added nadir photo to COV

Version 2018-09-11

  • Simple inspection integrated to CPV/COV

Version 2018-09-07

  • CVI v.1.0
  • COV v.1.0
  • Simple inspection

Version 2018-09-03

  • Added sweep plan for CVI

Version 2018-08-23

  • Added global sync views
  • Added thumbnails for feature values
  • Added footprints for COV
  • Added 2D mode for IE browser
  • Added annotation to oblique viewer
  • Added label for measured feature in 2D mode
  • Added advanced map filtration by more that one feature property
  • Added functionality for annotaion modification
  • Added GeoDropBox beta
  • Added Flight portal
  • Added drag'n'drop support for shape files
  • Added labeling tool for AI
  • Added posibility share layer with other users
  • Hilighting selected fetures in CPV viewer
  • Added posibility downloading of WFS layer as shape file

Version 2018-03-08

  • Added multiselection of WFS features
  • Added script support
  • Added ability to change position of point features
  • Added quick properties view for WFS layers
  • Added single click spatial seach trigger
  • Added posibility set ref-surface for vertical measurments by CPV
  • Added specific styling support for WFS layers
  • Added annotation tools for CPV viewer

Version 2017-12-26

  • Added overlapping points and CPV
  • Added filter of projects on map window
  • Added ability to adjust brightness\contrast of covermap layer
  • Added notification center
  • Added massage hub
  • Added WMTS support for CPV coverage layer
  • Added taffic modes in the CPV-viewer
  • Added support of Azure storage in the CPV-viewer

Version 2017-11-14

  • Added support of oblique images

Version 2017-11-07

  • Added support of terrain layer
  • Added ability to change SRS of cursor position

Version 2017-10-31

  • Added ability to upload custom user logo in "print workspace" dialog
  • Added current date\time in "print workspace" dialog
  • Added new type of layer: 3D Tiles

Version 2017-10-05

  • Added vertical measurement tool

Version 2017-10-10

  • Added proof of point cloud viewer
  • Added new type of WFS layers property (hyperlink)

Version 2017-10-05

  • Added vertical measurement tool

Version 2017-09-18

  • Added ability drag and resize data viewes (panoramic view, photo view, map view)
  • Added overlapping WFS with CPV
  • Added support of CPV GIDB to layer constructor
  • Added Cesium, Open layers and ThreeJS to "Credits" page
  • Added suport of line & area mearurments to CPV viewer
  • Added multiviewes capability for CPV layer
  • Added pouch support for CPV

Version 2017-08-31

  • Added support of GIDB for CPV viewer

Version 2017-08-17

  • Added toolbox
  • Added WFS layer support to layer creation wizard
  • Added ability to print (or save in PDF) current workspace state

Version 2017-07-20

  • Added ability to edit project definition

Version 2017-07-12

  • Added support of the rules ...LAYER.ADMIN & ...PROJECT.ADMIN

Version 2017-07-10

  • Added layer configuration wizard with support of covermap layer
  • Added suppurt of CPV Horus server in layer configuration wizard
  • Added support of ground capturing (point, polyline)

Version 2017-06-01

  • Basic functionalities to support WCS/WMS/WFS